A Non Work Safe Post For Tuesday: Splattered Birds On The N!

Because your day is not complete without at least one non-work safe gross out post, here’s one of a series I’m compiling entitled “The Splattered Birds of the N Judah Line.”

It seems like almost every day now, I see a newly splattered bird on or near the tracks of the N. This was the first, with the additional gross-out factor of another bird apparently taking advantage of the free food on the N line, and the second was this one, I saw on Sunday.

And there’s been others, but I wasn’t in position to take pics. What gets me is that these are almost always at stops and it’s not like the bird cant, you know, fly away from the oncoming slow train!

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3 Responses to A Non Work Safe Post For Tuesday: Splattered Birds On The N!

  1. Sometimes I think my morning commute would be better if I just let the N-Judah run over me. I can totally relate.

  2. Nancy says:

    I fear that the road kill birdie is the end result of our SF Pigeon’s attitude – they have gotten fat and sassy because there aren’t that many predators here in the city. Well, the odd hawk or two but I’ve seen bikes right almost right on pigeons before they moved an inch so I think that their little brains just don’t get it that the big noisy monster on the rails is …you know…actually dangerous!

  3. Gina Beasley says:

    Stop ragging on the poor pigeons…They were here long before you and your stupid trains were…You bet us pigeons are fat and sassy…It’s because you lazy, careless people drop crap all over our streets, and it’s a daily smorgasbord for us! We are sassy too, because there’s a hell of a lot more of us than there is of you…You all deserve a little fresh crap on your clean trains once in a while..We are just trying to get by in this crazy world you’ve created, so a little respect would go a long way!

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