Den N Judah Kronisk är Stor i Sverige

The N Judah Chronicles is big in Sweden!

Well, sort of. One of the benefits of having photos on Flickr is that you never know who will discover them. In this case, I got an e-mail from Kristofer Rengfors, editor of, who asked if his site could republish a photo I took of a “Space Invaders” themed car recently.

And, of course I said yes, and now the N-Judah Chronicles is big in Sweden. Check out the article here and to our new Swedish fans, välkomnande!

PS: I used autotranslation software to write this, so if you have better translations of said witticisms, feel free to let me know!

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One Response to Den N Judah Kronisk är Stor i Sverige

  1. angry swede says:

    you should write “välkomna” or “fiskpinne med torsk” 🙂

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