How’s This For A Birthday Present: Spare The Air Day Free Transit 8/29!

What a great birthday present. Well, sort of, anyway…it seems that Wednesday is a Spare the Air Day, meaning that MUNI buses and trains will be free and BART, CalTrain, and ferry service will be free from 5 a.m. to 1 p.m.!
Read more about this wonderful day at the Examiner and enjoy what is going to be Yet Another Warm, BM/Rapture-like Day. Use up one of those “Get Out Of Work Free” days if you can!
Party like a rock star and don’t bother driving. See you at the Blackthorn late this afternoon, where I’ll be spending my Schrute Bucks and having a wonderful day…and if you’re wondering how to make a blogger’s day, well, here’s the amazon list…or just stop by and say hi….
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11 Responses to How’s This For A Birthday Present: Spare The Air Day Free Transit 8/29!

  1. Jeff says:

    Happy birthday, Greg!

  2. Amandica says:

    Happy birthday Greg!
    That’s a great episode. I wonder what the ratio of MUNI bucks to Schrute bucks would be…

  3. Eric says:

    Happy Birthday Greg!

  4. Nick says:

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Nancy says:

    I got out early to do my errands. Unfortunately, they don’t provide body hygienic products for all the street people who are legally riding for free, instead of illegally which is what they do all the rest of the time. The bus was hot, crowded and the odor was aged armpit so I was glad to get home.

  6. Patrick Ledwith says:

    Happy bday Greg! I’ll buy you a drink next time I’m in the Blackthorn (might be a while, though… I’m a Fireside-kinda-guy)

  7. Jamison says:

    Happy Birthday Greg, nice to see the MTA went so far as to give everyone free service to celebrate it.

  8. Fred Green says:

    Too bad there wasn’t any increase in ridership on this “Free Day.” Seems like “choice riders” are stubborn bunch indeed. We’ll have to start increasing their gas taxes.

  9. Seven says:

    Fred, another way of looking at it would be that Muni service is so bad, you can’t give it away. I took the 28 line on the first free day… the bus came after 50 minutes and was so packed people were pressed against the back door. All I could think about the whole trip was “I wish I had driven”. Opting to spare the air changed a 15 minute car ride to 80 minutes of pure Muni hell.

  10. Jeff says:

    Hey Greg! I wanted to let you know about the transit blog aggregator I created and added your blog to. If you have any comments or additions please let me know.

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