News From Cole Valley! Possible Changes to the Carl/Cole Stop and Cole Valley Festival 9/23!

Quite a bit of local news in Cole Valley these days, some N-related, and some only sort-of-N related. First, Reader Chris alerted me to this meeting that was announced via email to people living in Cole Valley, about a meeting to begin preliminary discussions with the community about potential improvements at Carl and Cole Street.
Among the things being discussed for this key stop on the N are the moving of the inbound stop to accommodate a new platform so that the N doesn’t have to make 2 stops – right now it has to stop once at Carl and Cole, and again if anyone needs assistance getting on the train. Some have raised concerns in the past about disabled access at Carl and Cole, hence the study, I’m guessing.
Other items include the new bus shelters that are coming soon, adding such things as ticket machines, etc., and other amenities. The meeting is on September 27th at Grattan School. If you live in the area and have any concerns, now would be the time to express them as they begin to get the ball rolling.
Remember, with a lot of these kinds of things, if no one shows up early on, it becomes harder to get your $.02 in later on. Even if you can’t make the meeting, if you’ve got concerns about the future of Carl and Cole, email the MTA and let them know!
On a lighter note, the annual Cole Valley Festival on September 23rd. As always, one of our favorite local artists, Niana Liu will have a booth selling her works.
Niana’s work often has a MUNI focus, such as this piece on MUNI fares we linked to a while back. She also produces these wonderful gift items celebrating neighborhoods in San Francisco, too.
Quite a lot going on in this corner of the N, for sure. Hopefully the storm will pass and this weekend we’ll go back to the “San Francisco Summer” weather we’d been enjoying so far!

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