Reader Mail: An SF Native in Beijing Sends Us A Note About BRT and Subways in China!

This morning I got an email all the way from Beijing, China, courtesy of Reader Luke, who sends us a note and a video about BRT in China. Perhaps San Francisco might learn a little about BRT and find ways to improve the 38 (although I don’t know we’d want to copy their lack of access for our disabled and senior citizens):

I am a Bay Area native and now I live in Beijing and do a video blog here. Our latest piece is about transport in Beijing and includes an extended portion about BRT in Beijing and its spread across China.
Beijing is building one of the world’s bigger BRT networks and there are twenty cities in China with BRT in various stages of planning and construction.
Please check out the video on the front page of . Also
click through to the archives to check out some episodes of our
youtube hit “Sexy Beijing”, about an American girl looking for a
Chinese husband in Beijing.(Starring the daughter of UCLA professor
Peter Loewenberg)

And here’s the video courtesy of YouTube. Thanks, Luke!

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One Response to Reader Mail: An SF Native in Beijing Sends Us A Note About BRT and Subways in China!

  1. seven says:

    Thanks, Greg. Really enjoyed the video. Amazing to see what China is rapidly implementing for the Olympics. Sadly, I feel we in San Francisco are permanently stuck with the public transit system of a third world country.

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