Well, A Week Later It Looks Like Measure “A” Did Pass After All….Now What?

Sorry I’ve been away for so long…but the ongoing distraction of finding a non-crackhouse apartment in the unusually bad, dot-commish like rental market these days is becoming such a distraction I don’t really have the time to write genius posts on things like MUNI or that non-election we had last week. All I can say is, if you’re thinking of moving, don’t for now. It’s really not worth the hassle. Usually when I go apartment hunting it takes maybe a week at the most, and I always find something I like. This time – well let’s just say that the phrase “all the good ones are taken” pretty much sums it up. After almost 2 months it was really only yesterday I found something that was truly worth renting – the rest were these bizarre “in law” units that were being rented for like, $1400 a month.
Anyway, enough of that. It looks like despite the best efforts of a few, and the total lack of voters at the polls, Measure “A” ended up passing. Um, hooray, I guess? We’ve had plenty of discussions here about how Measure A isn’t perfect, but frankly, now that it’s passed, it can be amended if something doesn’t work out. More importantly, it’s up to us and our elected representatives and our popular Mayor to make sure that all those promises Sup. Peskin, SPUR, and others made about how this thing was going to “save” MUNI are actually met – and that won’t be easy.
Personally I found it interesting that in the supposedly “conservative” suburbs, almost every tax measure or bond issue passed, while in supposedly “crazy lefty” San Francisco, something that had “global warming” and “mass transit” stamped all over it was close. Perhaps the stereotypes of the outsiders don’t fit the Bay Area after all.

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