SF Chronicle Reports on Recent MUNI Accidents…And A Minor Clarification…

This morning’s Chronicle has a report on recent events and MUNI safety that’s worth checking out. I think that as we go forward, the good citizens of San Francisco are going to have to keep pestering their elected officials and others if we’re going to see any of that Measure A money spent to benefit the folks that pay said money (i.e. the citizens!)
Also, a couple of folks have emailed regarding a comment I made in the story that perhaps needs a slight clarification. The incident I described happened at Irving and 9th, and in this case a guy crossed the street on a red as a 44 O’Shaughnessy was rushing through the intersection to pick us up. As some of us saw what was happening, we were all convinced this was going to be another accident, but the driver in question saw the guy and managed to avoid an accident. Being an idiot I forgot to note the driver’s badge number so I could send a compliment in to MUNI because this guy was on the ball.
While this did happen on the same night as the fatal accident on the N, the one described above has nothing to do with the N accident, and just because in this particular case some guy crossed on a red, that has nothing to do with the other incident.
In this case I was merely pointing out that there are many reasons why the streets are unsafe, and as such, no one “solution” will magically solve all our problems.

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