Victory (For Reals) at Irving and 9th!

The always informative and entertaining MattyMatt at caught the latest agenda of the San Francisco County Transit Agency (SFCTA) and at tomorrow’s meeting there’s some pretty big news – it appears that the much touted, delayed, and awaited for signal improvements to the Irving/9th and Judah/9th intersections are finally being made!
You can go check out the agenda online, and scroll down to Item 13, where you can read more, and download a PDF of the plan also.
From what I’m reading, this has been fast-tracked to be done in 3 months. The upgrades are being made via Prop. K funds, and the N Judah trains will be getting their own signal, so cars won’t have to risk getting rammed by a mega-ton train. I’m guessing in light of recent events this is getting a bit of a push, but you know what? I really don’t care why they’re doing it – I’m just glad they are, since this has the potential of being a win for everyone – cars, MUNI, MUNI riders, and pedestrians.
I’ll keep an eye on this tomorrow and try and post something in between work breaks if I can….this is good news, though, and unlike in the past, someone is spending money and has presented a fairly detailed plan, which in government-ese means that they’re more likely to be doing something than not (Funny how money has that effect on a situation.)
UPDATE: Rachel Gordon at the Chronicle has a short story on the Gate website now also.

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4 Responses to Victory (For Reals) at Irving and 9th!

  1. Nick/295bus says:

    Can you summarize what is actually going to be done?

  2. Mike O'Neill says:

    I lived at 11th & Lincoln for three years, and know that crazy intersection well.

  3. Greg Dewar says:

    -the LRVs will have their own signal, and there will be new signal equipment installed. They can’t shut down the N line to install the kind that goes underground, so they’ll install something else. Cars and peds will have their own signal as well
    -the LRVs will get priority when they’re actually around in the intersections
    -countdown signals indicating how much time is left before a red will go in
    -cars and peds wont be crossing when the train makes a turn.

  4. Joseph says:

    Just got off Caltrain? Is it 45 degrees and pouring rain? MUNI doesn’t care.
    Wednesday, for the third time in as many months (and I am not a regular Caltrain rider), I got off an evening Caltrain, and promptly crossed the street to the N Judah platform and a waiting train. Then I watched as the driver left the platform with me and a few other Caltrain passengers standing there – or in one case, closed the door six inches from my face as I stood politely behind a line of 2-3 people who were paying at the front door.
    I don’t know why drivers can’t be bothered to look for a clump of people crossing the street when a train arrives. And unlike MUNI, Caltrain has a schedule and generally stays on it, so MUNI could also hold the N for 2-3 minutes after a scheduled arrival.
    What’s with these boneheads? Here’s a braindead simple opportunity for MUNI to provide a useful and appreciated service, but MUNI turns it into an infuriating, insulting experience. Somehow, MUNI continues to burn goodwill even after there’s none left to burn.

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