A Cavalcade of Whimsy, Sans Mayhem on March 15th….

It’s easy to forget why it is one chooses to live here, what with all the shenanigans and whatnots. Saturday, however was one of those days that remind you how fun it can be to live here – and how easily accessible Our Fair City is, courtesy of MUNI and walking. I posted a photoset on Flickr (which CBS5 was kind enough to link to this morning! Thanks!)
“Mason Powell” and I met up at the Civic Center to catch the end of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I didn’t take many pictures, but SFMike took some (as always) great pics here. I did, however, snap a quick shot of the BART car, but sadly, my shot of Frank Chu got blurred. D’oh!
We decided to take a walk down Market Street since its post-apocalyptic feel was on hold for the parade, and eventually made our way to the Ferry Building and the Embarcadero Center. Another “only in SF” moment here – some guy had a huge bag of birdseed and made a triangle, then left, which seemed odd. I mean, if someone is going to go to the trouble of making birdseed shapes, wouldn’t they wanna see the results?
As luck would have it, we ran into the “Brides of March” mob as they made their way through downtown, first at a jewelry store, then through Maiden Lane and onward into Union Square. The scene was made even more surreal as the little cafe on Union Square was blasting Perry Como music as the mob of brides stormed the square. A group of tourists watched the spectacle and said “Well, you really know we’re in San Francisco now!” and took plenty of pics.
We noticed we had a little time to kill before the Flickr Birthday Party, so we decided to do something touristy, and went to the top of the Marriott Hotel for a drink and an obligatory photo from the 39th floor. Then we headed to the Flickr party just a few blocks away at 111 Minna (as advertised on the back of Frank Chu’s sign).
Not only did we get free drinks and whatnot, we also got to see elements of our day come together. Frank Chu was there. The Brides were there. St Patrick’s Day celebrants were there. I think even some of the birds from earlier in the day flew by. Tons of pictures from folks around the world. We ran into Jackson West (who we learned is now writing for Valleywag.com, and even got to meet Violet Blue.
All in all, a fun day, capped off with a drama-free 1-car N-Judah ride home. Sometimes it’s nice to have a day sans MUNI drama and City Hall silliness and just enjoy the civilian silliness that can make SF a fun place to live.

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