Hippies 1 – Working Commuters 0 – or Reason #205102345 I Live In the Sunset….

If you’re not already reading Eater SF the sister site to the always awesome Curbed SF, well you really should check it out if you’re interested in more information on the many fascinating (and sadly, expensive) places to eat out in Our Fair City.
Today, Google Reader and Eater SF conspired to bring this little vignette about SF’s allegedly super-greenie eviro-y restaurante. Funny enough, they’re not only offering Critical Mass Happy Hour Specials, they’re also giving Bike Coaltion people expensive “organic” beers for Pabst Blue Ribbon prices.
Memo to hipster greenies running your “Friend of the Earth” restaurant….if anyone deserves a break on pricey hipster beer prices, it is the hard working men and women of Our Fair City that endure a MUNI ride every freakin’ day. We’re not driving our cars, we’re “doing the right thing,” so cut us a break even though we don’t scream like bashees about some lost cookie, m’kay?
Thanks, and for more information on MUNI, consult your local library!

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