Major Traffic Blockage on Lincoln Between Funston and 12th as of 2:15pm

This is depressing as Hell: here I was working away trying to fix a problem on my new MacBook, when WHAM! I heard a noise outside. At first I thought it was just a neighbor’s TV or something, but then heard a commotion outside. As it turns out, there’s been a pretty nasty accident at 12th/Lincoln and traffic westbound is totally blocked, and no doubt most eastbound traffic will be blocked too.
I didn’t see the accident actually happen, but according to eyewitnesses it seems that the car that hit the light pole was hit from behind by another car, however, although 4 people called 911, most of ’em had left by the time I got outside
However in a bit of good news, the firemen and paramedics were on the scene in literally minutes, so that’s a good thing. I hope the people involved aren’t seriously hurt and that people would please please please try and drive more safely when in a congested urban area like SF.

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2 Responses to Major Traffic Blockage on Lincoln Between Funston and 12th as of 2:15pm

  1. Irving the XV says:

    There was also a fire around 11am on 19th between Lincoln and Irving. Maybe that’s why the response was so speedy. A busy day for SFFD, but at least they don’t have to travel too far.

  2. Greg Dewar says:

    @Irving: indeed there was – one of the DPT folks told me that. Now for an even more surreal day, I took the N to Stanyan and on my way to Amoeba, saw a collapsed scaffolding at Frederick and Stanyan and the same DPT people who’d done the fire and the crash were on the scene immediately for that one to direct trafffic.
    I spoke with one of the DPT workers and she’d mentioned that they’d been working straight with no breaks or lunch, but that their job was to make sure that people could navigate safely around these scenes and were really in to doing their jobs awesomely. We all complain about MUNI/SFMTA folks but when you see people really doing a good job and not complaining about it, you really have to give ’em a high five for a job well done.

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