New Feature: Links of Interest for April 2nd, 2008

Starting this week, I’m going to have a new feature where I link to all sorts of MUNI/urban life/etc. bloggy goodness. Thanks to the kind folks at Google News Alerts, I’ve discovered a number of interesting blogs that I’d not seen before, as well as some fun posts from familiar comrades-in-blogs.
First, SFMike at Civic Center highlights an unsung hero at MUNI. MUNI gives us plenty to annoy us, but when we discover someone at MUNI who actually works to make our day better, they deserve a high five.
Two MUNI blogs I’ve been catching up on, the “MUNI Sucks Log and MUNI Grouch which provide more tales of MUNI woe that almost seems to define us as San Franciscans sometimes.
If you’re not already checking out KPIX’s Eye on Blogs, well stop reading and get thee over there at once. Brittney Gilbert has done an amazing job, in a very short time, covering blogs across the Bay Area and finding the best in them (oh so many of them) every day. Rather ironic that so-called “local alt-weeklies” got bested by a tv news station.
And finally, a fun link from Eve Batey, deputy Managing Editor for all things online and good at, proudly representing the N Judah on Easter Sunday. We’ll be selling these shirts (and more) on our new Zazzle store shortly!
That’s all. And remember, for more link goodness, simply click on the Links of Interest link on the right, and find yourself transported to an array of interesting sites to fill your workday. Hey it beats working, right?

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6 Responses to New Feature: Links of Interest for April 2nd, 2008

  1. brittney says:

    Thanks kindly for the nice words and the link! I need allll the traffic I can get. Gotta earn my keep.

  2. Dave Snyder says:

    Thanks for the links. I loved the Civic Center blog highlighting the Muni Operator of the Month. High five!

  3. Joseph says:

    Thanks for the mention also!
    The Muni Sucks story about the “hitchhiker” in the Sunset Tunnel was hysterically funny.
    -joseph (“The Grouch”)

  4. sfmike says:

    Thanks for the shoutout, Greg. I got a nice note from Muni spokesperson Maggie Lynch about our “heroine,” whose name is Marva. Lynch also mentioned that the “Muni Operator of the Month” may be making a comeback, and I hope it does. What a difficult job to do well without going nuts.

  5. Greg Dewar says:

    @Sfmike: hey no problemo, I think it’s important in this era of angsty, bitchy politics and the like that we do take the time to light a lighter for those who rock, be they a neighbor, a friend, a MUNI driver who kicks ass, or whatever. Sure, we can be seriously serious folk concerned about things, but that doesn’t mean we can’t recognize when we have good folks doing good things in Our Fair City.

  6. Alex says:

    Eh. As usual, Maggie’s full of excrement. I’ve certainly called in a few more than competent MUNI operators and heard bupkis. I have a hard time believing that MUNI really cares all that much about retaining competent employees.
    It’s difficult for me to even come up with mild praise for MUNI when every day is a sad reminder of just how terrible the service is, and how unashamed many of the MUNI operators are of flatly lying to the passengers.
    That said it is amusing / sad that with minimal information MUNI can dig up the name of an employee being lavished with praise. Give all sorts of detailed information (a la Matty Matt @ SFist) about an employee who stops off for KFC and bam. Amnesia.

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