Upcoming Fun Monday With the Giants and Tuesday With The Special Election!

An FYI to commuters and some of those who live within range of the N-Judah (or just the Sunset District and parts elsewhere west and south in Our Fair City) – we’ve got two events that may or may not affect your commute.
Monday, of course, is Opening Day for the Giants at AT&T Park, so it’s reported that MUNI will be operating a special “stadium shuttle” as well as other tweaks to move people along to the game. The Giants have thoughtfully provided this guide to getting to the ballpark by pretty much any means possible. If anyone goes to the game, feel free to report your tale of MUNI woe or triumph here in the comments!
On Tuesday, there’s a Special Election for those of you who live in the 12th Congressional District. This election is being held to fill the vacancy left by Rep. Tom Lantos earlier this year. Many people may not realize there’s an election, even with the spattering of junk mail pumped out by the various candidates. However it’s an important election as currently the district (and our N line) is without any Congressional representation.
If one candidate wins the election with a 50%+1 majority, no additional special election will be held, if not they’ll hold a Special General Election on June 3rd. However, if the latter happens, it will also mean our CD will continue to have no representation in Congress, which is not a good thing, esp. when we have messes like the Central Subway to try and clean up.
Right now the race seems to be between the frontrunner, who has, among other things, a CalTrain locomotive named after her and an assortment of no-names. I’m rooting for my hometown hero, of course, but you should definitely vote for the candidate of your choice!

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