Torchy Goodness Is Making MUNI Hellacious Today – Post your Commute Hassles Here!

All of today’s Olympic Torchy Goodness has been making MUNI hellacious today – the N, of course, is blocked over by the ballpark, and there’s new chatter that the torch is going to run down Van Ness instead (where no one is around to actually see it) and there’s an army of Chinese and American security forces out there today.
All of the MUNI alerts about the old route along Embarcadero may be moot, and now we’ll have all sorts of closures and whatnots on this “new” routing that they just announced to psyche out the protestors. They already closed the cable cars this morning (replacing them with…buses..), and the N isn’t scheduled to be online to Caltrain station until at least 4pm.
I decided well in advance to avoid having any meetings or work downtown, so I’m sitting here watching the torch goodness on KPIX’s Eye on Blogs and SFist.
If you’ve got a tale of a particularly annoying commute or other tales from the front lines, post ’em in the comments and let the bloggy goodness continue.
UPDATE: MUNI just posted this alert…allegedly the N is back on line all the way to CalTrain…

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  1. Chet Marlboro says:

    My commute home on Torch day was no worse (that is to say, it was just as bad) as my commute home on Tuesday. The beginning of baseball season means waiting 20-30 minutes in hopes of seeing an N train with enough room to squeeze onto. I’m considering just walking the three miles home every day, if I’m going to be late I might as well get some exercise out of the deal.

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