Dan Noyes Is Investigating MUNI Drivers Again…Wed. at 6 and 11!

Earlier today I was waiting in the lobby of our ABC affiliate to do a short little interview with Cheryl Jennings on her public affairs show which appears on Sunday morning. (The actual broadcast with myself and other esteemed guests won’t be on until June 8th). While waiting, I got to sit down and watch the mid-day newscast, and noticed a couple of ads.
First was an ad for Dan Noyes’ I-Team who is apparently doing another investigative piece on the documented complaints against the worst-of-the-worst MUNI drivers. The report is scheduled to be on Wednesday’s newscasts at 6 and 11.
The other ad was on the ABC weather channel (the one you get if you have digital TV) for MUNI itself, but I only caught pieces of it while talking to some of the other guests before the show….it was kinda cool but also kinda open to spoofing via YouTube….
And to continue our love-fest with ABC today (hey, we love KPIX too, ya know) here’s a link to some pics from the Eli Stone pilot shoot last year. I only included this because I was thinking of it as I took a walk sort-of-in-the area/sort-of-not before going home today.

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