What Was Up With The N Today?

What was up with the N today? I was returning from downtown and somehow, managed to catch an N as I was coming down the stairs at Montgomery Station and thought “Hmm. What a nice surprise.”
But on the way outbound I got a sense something was up, and it turns out I was right – of course seeing the double-long bendy bus on Irving Street was a tipoff too.
Now, though, the Muni TroubleAlert indicates a delay at Caltrain was just cleared a few minutes ago and there’s residual delays as well.
It seems like lately we’ve had some sort of mayhem either at Caltrain or somewhere near a tunnel….and don’t get me started on the weirdness on Bay To Breakers day….what are you seeing out there?

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  1. Kate says:

    I waited 40 minutes for an N at Duboce Park during rush hour but that is nothing new. Everyday I take the N I hate this city a little bit more.

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