How Are You Beating the Heat Today?

Time to lighten the mood around here….first by posing a question to the Loyal Readers – how are you beating the heat today?

The home office here is wonderful because it has so many windows. But that also means it’s kind of a greenhouse on days like this (even with the windows open), so I plan to pack up the laptop and find somewhere a bit cooler. I really wish MUNI would post some PSAs about hygiene on the buses and the like. (Maybe we can get those people who do the anti-Meth ads to do some hard hitting PSAs on deodorant? Just a thought.)

Also, in related Fun Stuff, the always awesome Eye on Blogs at KPIX has an incredible round up of yesterday’s sunset, with all the blues and reds, on Flickr. It is a pretty darn amazing collection and worth checking out – I’ve only had time to see a few but they are great!

linked image courtesy of awesome Flickr member keightdee!

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3 Responses to How Are You Beating the Heat Today?

  1. keightdee says:

    Wow, thanks for putting up my photograph, Greg! I’m a frequent reader and it really makes me happy to be able to contribute to this great blog, even in a tiny way.

  2. marc says:

    Beat the heat with scotch, scotchy scotch scotch!

  3. Eric says:

    What a lovely picture. I now have a new desktop image!

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