A Follow Up To Yesterday’s Post: Who Is Intimately Involved With MUNI, Anyway?

“I just want the Board of Supervisors to be more intimately involved in how Muni runs. It’s all about accountability” – Sup. Jake McGoldrick, SF Chronicle, 5/14/08
Some more things to consider as we discuss Supervisor McG’s plans for his ballot initiative on electing the MTA board. I threw out some random meta-thoughts the other day, as I’ve not read the specific proposal introduced by Sup. McG just yet.
But here are a few more. The Smarter Folks Who Do Stuff In Town are getting a freebie – they can at least subsidize my drink tab when we’re all out Talking Policy:
San Francisco County Transit Agency (SFCTA)
Responsible for much of MUNI’s funding, paying for our Irving/9th improvements for example.
Chair: San Francisco Supervisor Supervisor Jake McGoldrick
Vice Chair: San Francisco Supervisor Bevan Dufty
San Francisco Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier
San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin
San Francisco Supervisor Carmen Chu
San Francisco Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi
San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly
San Francisco Supervisor Sean Elsbernd
San Francisco Supervisor Tom Ammiano
San Francisco Supervisor Sophie Maxwell
San Francisco Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval
San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority (SFMTA).
Board members nominated by the Mayor per Prop. E
Board members approved by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.
Board of Supervisors members can reject the SFMTA budget and send it back for reconsideration.
Question: How does Supervisor McG describe intimate?
Question 2 (Electric Boogaloo): How would you make the people who run MUNI more accountable to the citizens who pay for and rely on it?
Discuss. Enjoy!

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One Response to A Follow Up To Yesterday’s Post: Who Is Intimately Involved With MUNI, Anyway?

  1. david vartanoff says:

    All BOS, MTA board members, and appointee Muni personnel will be subject to salary debits reflecting the sum of not outs and late vehicles, ie if 20% are late and 13% don’t operate Tuesday the daily salary and CREDIT TOWARD RETIREMENT WILL BE DECREASED BY 33% for that day. Could get expensive running a s^*@^$*%e operation, eh?

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