O Hai! Governor’s In Ur Bugdetz, Takin Away MORE Mass Transit Fundz

That sound you’re hearing from Sacramento is the sound of “green” PR from our Climate Change Governor colliding with reality. Remember those bonds you voted for to build mass transit infrastructure that got looted by the Governor and the Legislature for general funds use?
Well, now the governor is going to follow up that masterpiece with a nice big cut out of mass transit from the gas tax money that voters and folks approved for….mass transit.
Remember the first rule of government – any big pool of moneys is not safe from grabby hands. Unless they’re guarded by fierce attack dogs and the like, when bad times come, the folks in charge take away money you wanted to do one thing, and do something else with it entirely. That’s what’s happening here.
Then the Really Big Kids in Sacramento leave it up to the local agencies to cry poverty, and take the hit, poiltically.
Oh and those folks who approve of all of this nonsense? They mow down a forest to print brochures telling you how “green” they are. Never minding the fact that they’re the ones who could do something to address the structural foolishness of our city and state so we don’t go through this every single year.
Maybe for fun we should ask all those candidates running in June to represent us in Sacramento what they think of this idea, and what exactly they’d do differently. And why we should even believe them. Here’s a partial list – email ’em and tell ’em what you think (and if I’m missing anyone, send me the link and I’ll add it here):
State Senate:
Mark Leno
Joe Nation
Carole Migden

State Assembly
Tom Ammiano
Fiona Ma

Send ’em an email and let’s see what happens!

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