Yes There Was A Big Delay/Crash on the 21st and Apparently One Today..

In my haste to prepare for a business trip to Sacramento today, I realized I never posted this liveblog I did on my site about the accident on the 21st. I also twittered some updates too. T-Mobile has a beta app that allows me to take pictures and post via a dedicated applicaiton to VOX (but sadly, not MT, which runs this site) so I’m trying that out for super live events and the like.
And it seems the fun continued after I left (way too early) this morning as SFist reports another MUNI epic fail this morning. Yikes!
I’ll be back to posting normally tomorrow, with some observations on the labor negotiations going on at MUNI.

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5 Responses to Yes There Was A Big Delay/Crash on the 21st and Apparently One Today..

  1. Alex says:

    Oh come on now, don’t forget the train that died at Van Ness (inbound) yesterday evening. I wonder if the TWU is angling for a pay cut.

  2. tangobaby says:

    Yep, you missed the Fun-for-All. I was only 45 minutes late this morning. Don’t feel too left out though. I’m sure Muni will have another meltdown soon.
    Who knows, maybe even tomorrow! Oh joy.

  3. Yes, the morning commute was worse than normal. Two trains within 2 minutes of each other, each one packed. I got on the second one, and I think we averaged 10 mph counting our long waits at Church/Duboce and then once we were actually in the tunnel before Van Ness.
    What Muni really needs is more than one track in the underground stations. Having all trains on the same track is what causes this mess, cuz if a “switch problem” or whatever they call it, then ALL trains get delayed.

  4. Joseph H says:

    And yet another FAIL on the N Judah, from Friday evening. Here’s what I posted to Rescuemuni:
    And yes I did submit the insufficient service complaint.
    Passengers seriously have to start to resist this kind of craziness. Just sit down and politely but firmly refuse to get off. Heck, even when everyone leaves the train like “Moo” on one of these short turnarounds, the drivers are so timid that they don’t get out of the cabin until the passengers are off. A half dozen people left on board would keep him there on the radio until he came to his senses.

    This is a new low! After whatever random ATC problems Muni had this evening, or whatever operator error Muni blamed on ATC, N Judah passengers (for example, me) departing from 4th and King around 830pm were treated to:
    a) Waiting for N, doesn’t come (Nextmuni is confused, wrong)
    b) Told by employee, N won’t be coming, take the K/T
    c) Take the K/T, get off at Embarcadero
    d) Wait 10-15 minutes for N
    e) N runs routinely with a fairly large load
    You have *got* to be kidding me.
    Yes, as soon as I’ve had food and a drink, and maybe more drinks, I’ll call in another insufficient service complaint.

  5. Joseph H says:

    About those negotiations … you’d think that over a week of constant screwups and delays would be just the thing NOT to have happen. Shouldn’t the union management put out the word to “do an awesome job, even if it feels weird” for a little while?
    After all, there’s nothing like a little good service to make people lose interest in their previous lousy service experiences. “Well it was bad last week but it’s okay now, I guess I’ll see if it gets bad again before I complain.” Most of us just want to get to work / home / wherever, and have no interest in filing complaints with Muni or participating in the arcane, tortuous dance between the City and Local 200.

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