Too Busy To Post Something About The Irony…

Loyal Readers: this week is a busy busy week for my in my “day job” so I haven’t had a chance to post something which has been bugging me since last week (and which was noted by a commenter the other day) – the irony of the MUNI driver’s union walking out of labor talks with the MTA/MUNI, on the eve of a pretty serious crash. We also know now that it was not “equipment failure” as was asserted on the day of the event.
I’ll write more later, but for now, I think it’s time to put the screws to the union leadership for their constant shenanigans. People compromised a lot to get Proposition A passed last year to avoid a fight with labor, and for the driver’s union to now balk at what’s left is frankly, dishonest. Now, please note how I said “leadership” just now – that’s because it was virtually all rank and file members questioned had no idea what their union leadership was doing.
Unions are strongest and work the best when leadership informs the rank and file what they’re doing, and sticks up for the great majority who do their jobs properly day in and day out, instead of constantly sticking up for the few who sour the taxpayers and citizens on MUNI with their out of control behavior. Good unions can ensure workers are treated and paid fairly, as they should – bad unions make life miserable for everyone – including the people they are supposed to represent.

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