Breaking News: The Westside, and the Blackthorn are OFFICIALLY the Smartest Bar in the Bay Area!

By now, most people have picked up on the fact that the Blackthorn Tavern is not only the Official Headqarters of the N Judah Chronicles, and the Adama for President Committee, but also one of the best places to hang out in the Inner Sunset.
Tonight, I learned another factoid though – the Blackthorn is home to the TWO teams that kicked major backside in Brainstormer’s Bay Area Trivia Championship! Even better, they had to decide the winners with a tie breaker!
And, to cement the Blackthorn, the Inner Sunset, and our Trivia Heroes as mega-doses of awesome, the winning team offered to buy every team tonight a pitcher as a gesture of goodwill.
This was just so much awesome, I had to blog it! Next time some arrogant hipster doofus tells YOU the Inner Sunset ain’t cool, you just remind him the smartest folks in the Yay Area are HERE. In the Inner Sunset.

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