A Pile of Blog Posts Keeps Getting Higher

Loyal Readers: No, really I will get this site updated once I clear past a few big projects at work. I’ve got a ton of local business reviews to write about great places you need to patronize.

I’ve got a pretty major piece I want to write about the potential knee-capping of the only transit agency that has its act together (the SFCTA) by political bickering, and the MUNI TroubleAlert seems to report some sort of meltdown on the cable cars almost every day. Ouch.

The thing is I now work a job where I have to work regular business hours, unlike normal when I can put some things off and do them at night like I used to.I also have to travel a lot more, and frankly, when I come home I want to get away from the computers for a few hours. But I’m working on a new schedule so I can go back to posting as much as I want about the things we love to talk about.

In the meantime, here are a few groovy links I saw on my Google Reader today:

-Over at the Chronicle, Mary Ladd is now posting her experiences riding MUNI with her child in the new feature “Muni Mama.” Check it out and let her know readers of the NJC are in solidarity with our sister-in-arms.

-The Overhead Wire took a trip on our Mighty N the other day and got some nice pictures from the day’s trip. Notable are the pics of the purple flowers at the Sunset tunnel.

-“Mason Powell” forwarded me this website about the 38 Bus. No, not that 38 bus, this one is in….Paris, France. It’s interesting to note a few things: a) it’s a site in Paris, but has an English version b) the drivers are featured on the site as regulars and c) well it’s just so cheery !

And finally, this entertaining post about Our N was done a while ago by artist Kimberly Kradel, but I only found out about it recently thanks to an email Kimberly sent. It is just cool.

And, if that’s not enough fun, you can also click on the new ad to the right for one of my side gigs, the Adama For President website and t-shirt emporium (which got a little attention today). All proceeds from sales pay for my trip to the San Diego Comic-Con next week where I shall be nerding out at Nerdvana, so buy some stuff!

We also sell our famous “The N is Near” shirts there too – buy one today!

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2 Responses to A Pile of Blog Posts Keeps Getting Higher

  1. marc says:

    adama for president? i think i remember seeing someone sitting at the blackthorn, typing on a laptop with an “adama 08” wallpaper. hmmm…

  2. Greg Dewar says:

    @marc: well marc, I’d say you found me….that was indeed myself with my “satellite” laptop on whatever day you refer to….next time come over and say hi!

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