Oh No They Didn’t: Actual Entry on the MUNI TroubleAlert on OMG Fail From Hell Day…

THIS is why a MUNI blog writes itself.

On a day when we had so much drama about Today’s Intergalactic All Star Super Muni FAIL, when La Policia were called in to defuse WW2 ordnance, and when, o hai, MUNI was in the words of one woman stranded at 5:30 “doing it to us both ways without buying us dinner first” (hon you need a blog) THIS comes up on the MUNI TroubleAlert:

Thanks for using MUNI!

And in MUNI style, it’s dated 2005 but, um, YEAH, they posted it today.

Folks, I can’t make up stuff like this. I really can’t. No one can.

Cue the music, and my cocktails….

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2 Responses to Oh No They Didn’t: Actual Entry on the MUNI TroubleAlert on OMG Fail From Hell Day…

  1. Joseph says:

    Man I left work in Palo Alto at 4:45 thinking I would get home early and take a nap. THEN I got on this weird N at Civic Center that said “Church” and “Arguello.” Since when has an N ever labeled itself “Church” or “Arguello”? Apparently on an EPIC FAIL day it’s not enough to have people running around in the tunnels in the morning.
    So I wound up standing on the corner of Church and Duboce looking at 150 people waiting for a “shuttle” that was unfortunately not able to take almost of any of us/them/me to where we wanted to go on account of police tape around most of the Inner Sunset.
    I hope the rest of you distressed people did what I did which was go to Lucky 13 and get drunk. Srsly.

  2. tangobaby says:

    The way I looked at the 2005 date was that Muni was being smart and apologizing for things they were going to do to us in the future.
    I think that’s probably the most foresighted action they’ve ever taken!
    It actually made me laugh even though I was still mad at them and not accepting their Thank You’s.

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