Police Action On Carl = More Delays

I just got word from Greg that there is some sort of police activity on Carl near Cole. As a result, trains are blocked in both directions with no estimate on when it will clear. Time to think of alternative routes…
UPDATE: The alert can be found here.
It seems that the outbound trains are switching back at Duboce & Church and the inbound trains are switching back before Carl & Cole (my guess would be the switchback near Hillway) The ever familiar “motor coach shuttles” will bridge the gap.

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6 Responses to Police Action On Carl = More Delays

  1. marcb says:

    not sure its related, but I just saw a bomb squad “truck” going down irving towards cole valley with the lights on. interesting! interesting?

  2. katieK says:

    Man cleaning out his garage found an old WWII mortar shell.
    Police were already in neighborhood dealing with a totally separate issue but called in Bomb Squad to deal with it.
    Shelted in place for residents of 200 block of Cole while they remove it. Stay away from the windows, go to the back of apartment until they’re finished. They’re almost done.

  3. ann says:

    i also saw ambulance / several unmarked police vehicles heading in that direction.
    crappy cellphone pictures i took
    walked up 23 blocks instead of getting on another godforsaken muni vehicle again.

  4. Ciaran says:

    I was there at about 5:45 and I saw: One stopped train. Lots of people wondering how they were going to get anywhere (like the ball park). Zero police.
    The N driver came out and told everyone to take the 6 inbound.

  5. Eric in SF says:

    MUNI at Church/Duboce told us it was a shooting. The contents of three standing-room-only 2-car N-Judahs milling around at Church/Duboce.
    I used my transit nerd skills and took the 37 up to the back of Buena Vista Park and had a nice walk down the hill to Frederick and Ashbury in the fog.

  6. Jim says:

    Some photos.
    It might be kind of a secret where they took the explosive. Oh well.

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