Phil Bronstein and Akit Expose a MUNI Fail…Again

So I’m packing my bags and did a quick check on The Twitter, and what do I see but a tweet from Phil Bronstein with a link to his blog about a MUNI Fail caught on tape by intrepid blogger Akit.
Some of you may recall how this MUNI customer was getting screwed by MUNI when he tried to use the 25 cent BART to MUNI discount pass they have in the stations. In true MUNI fashion, big paid mangers and spokesfolk said “we’ll fix it” and of course, they didn’t and this time it was caught on camera.
I think Phil needs to change his job title from Editor at Large to “MUNI Avenger,” and get a costume or something. And Akit, you rock for catching this all on tape!

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One Response to Phil Bronstein and Akit Expose a MUNI Fail…Again

  1. Akit says:

    Thanks Greg! I brought my digital camera to the game to take some great action shots and Crazy Crab (of course!), and since it also records video, it was the perfect time to capture Muni on the job.
    I should have also recorded the fare inspector at the entrance at the platform after the game with a dead flashlight and still waving it asking to check tickets.

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