Some Notes on the “TEP” and This Week…

Some random news this morning before I go to work...the Chronicle has the first of what will be many “take your medicine” articles about the TEP we’ll see in local media this year. It’s becoming clearer just what the result of MUNI’s realignment will do – make arterials like the N Judah and the 38 Geary faster, but at the expense of cutting service on feeder lines that will encourage people to use cars.
My biggest concern about all those glowing reports about the data they collected was that they’ll “overhaul” the system to serve Today’s Needs, but in 10 years, people will be stranded in new and improved ways since none of the plans seems to account for where all those condos and the like are being built.
In the past, I’ve encouraged people to get involved and ask questions to ensure that whatever plan comes out is the best one possible. At the same time, it’s easy to think that maybe all those hearings were just a lot of hooey and that some Big Consultants looked at the map, decided that not all of the City is worth serving any more, and took the easy way out.
And, as always, MUNI’s unions, to whom we capitulated to pass Prop. A, who recently thumbed their nose at any new rules to make them accountable, now threaten to toss any changes, however mild, into the dustbin of history. I really think it’s disingenuous of them to do things like this after so much was done to accommodate them last fall – they’re making the Labor Council look bad, and that’s not fair to the Labor Council.
Finally, a note – I will be taking my first “real” vacation in a while this week, departing for Sunny San Diego for Nerdvana, aka the San Diego Comic-Con. (Hey, it was this or Vegas, and I’ve been to Vegas enough times already.) While the City’s elite are at some Big Wedding in Montana, I’ll be with 150,000 like minded folks from around the world (with a/c and celebrities galore). Now who’s the nerd, Gavin?
I won’t be in any sort of costume, but I will be taking pictures and covering the proceedings. I will also post some business reviews I’ve been sitting on so the site won’t go stale. And I’ll create an open thread for people to post any MUNI nuttiness that goes on while I’m away!
RANDOM UPDATE: I was reading SFPD Captain Paul Chignell’s daily report of crime and whatnot today and saw this note:

Supervisor Carmen Chu is sponsoring free tickets to the DeYoung Museum on July 27th. There are 200 tickets available and they must be picked up on the 27th at the Museum. Tickets are only available for District 4 residents. For more information, email to or call 415-554-7460.

Well who can argue with that? I am not in District 4 as I am in the Inner Sunset but for those of you out there in D4, the lines are open!

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2 Responses to Some Notes on the “TEP” and This Week…

  1. tangobaby says:

    I’m sure MUNI will arrange some extra-special nuttiness for you to miss while you’re away. Just be careful down there with all of those fanboys. (Fanboy is actually a new word in the dictionary, belive it or not.)

  2. Alex says:

    So, how does TEP improve the N? Currently the N is not meeting its published headways. TEP proposes to reduce headways on the N and L (and increase them on the M and J, yay for decreased service to SFSU!). Unless the folks behind TEP propose that magic be used to meet the more stringent headways, it’s all pie in the sky bull.

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