Some Possible Good News from City Hall: They Might Not Knee-Cap the SFCTA After All…

I had a short break this afternoon and thought I’d write an Important Blog Entry about the potential knee-capping of one of the few effective transit agencies in San Francisco, the SFCTA. (You remember, MUNI’s more popular, more successful younger sibling, the ones who FINALLY made things sort of fixed at Irving/9th, while MUNI twiddled its thumbs and some poor woman got run over?)
Not only is this the only agency in San Francisco* where you can elect who runs things, (despite what Supervisor Jake McGoldrick might think), but it’s also the agency that spends its money on things we need, and doesn’t spend it all on big salaries for managers or on a workforce that balks at doing their job properly.
Anyway, there’s been a proposal bouncing around City Hall to change the management of the SFCTA to claw Lolcat Jake for his proposed amendment, which never got off the ground. (Big Suprise.)
There’s really no good reason for any of this, it was all just a bunch of caterwauling and strutting, and a veiled power grab by Nate Ford, who’s coveted the SFCTA’s money for silly spending, loudly and publicly.
I figured it was time for an Important Blog Post, but a little quick reading made me realize perhaps it was not time to hit the panic button after all.
According to the folks at Beyond Chron, late word is that this amendment has been tabled for now.
Hopefully means this annoying (and unproductive) cat fight can come to an end, and we can have the SFCTA focus on spending its money wisely and under the supervision of elected folks (some of whom will be replaced due to term limits later this year). Keep your fingers crossed.
*PS: Yeah, I know, BART has an elected board. But they cover the Bay Area, not JUST San Francisco.

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