The Day Job Is A Harsh Mistress: Some Community Info Until I Can Blog Properly

Things have been heating up at my day job, which is great! But that also means I can’t write about things like the super-traumatic commute yesterday, and the like because I spend so much of my day running around town at meetings and the like, by the time I get home I really don’t feel like sitting in front of the computer for a few more hours. So posting will be a little light until the weekend (where I’ll have some critical information about the fall elections and Your Muni).

In the meantime, I wanted to post some information about a couple of community meetings I read about in SFPD Captain Paul Chignell’s always informative daily email on crime incidents and the like on the westside.

Supervisor Carmen Chu will be having a community meeting tonight regarding the status of Ocean Beach. It will be at 6pm at the Osher Great Hall in the San Francisco Zoo.

Assemblymember Fiona Ma will be having an open house tomorrw, Friday the 11th from 10am to 2pm at 3925 Noriega Street. The state of California has been issuing massive cuts to MUNI’s funding for the past two years – right at the time when MORE people want to ride transit because of the cost of gas. If you can make it, why not talk to Assemblymember Ma and ask her what she’s doing to fix this problem!

Over at the Chronicle’s blog, it seems Editor Phil Bronstein took matters into his own hands, regarding some MUNI fare shenanigans, and got some MUNI folk to get on the ball. Bloggers rejoice!

Finally, I wanted to give credit to Patrick Boury, whose amazing photo of the N in action is featured in this quickie post. You can see other samples of his wonderful photography at his Flickr set

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2 Responses to The Day Job Is A Harsh Mistress: Some Community Info Until I Can Blog Properly

  1. tangobaby says:

    That’s really nice of Phil and all, but maybe he can continue to throw his weight around with MUNI and help the rest of us who endure some heinous commutes and lots of half-assed service? (I don’t go to ballgames.)
    Maybe this is a start in the right direction, though.

  2. Akit says:

    Phil found the idea through my blog posting, and I’m actually happy that he or his staff went forward to confront muni on the issue of “muni to bart” transfers being rejected for the ride home from AT&T park.
    If I asked Muni about why they reject it, they would not call me back.

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