Another Transit Fire: Castro Station Closed on MUNI….

This is not good: the Muni TroubleAlert reports that there was a fire at Castro Station and as such it’s closed, with the requisite buses filling in between Forest Hill and Castro St. etc.
This is the second transit station fire in as many days – there was a fire in North Berkeley the other day too on BART. If this turns out to be the result of teens playing with matches or something equally lame, I sure hope they throw the book at ’em. The one time I needed a reliable 44/Forest Hill/Castro ride tonight, and pfft. It’s not MUNI’s fault, but it is just bad luck I guess.
I sure hope my attempts to take the cable car on my birthday tomorrow work out much better, given all the failwhales they’ve been having lately too…

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2 Responses to Another Transit Fire: Castro Station Closed on MUNI….

  1. PTCruiser says:

    Turned out to be a fire in the elevator shaft. Took over an hour to clear. What struck me was the people standing on the platforms amid the smoke, covering their mouths/noses and asking me when the next train was coming. That’s some dedicated riders.

  2. PTCruiser says:

    Oh, and Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great day.

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