Broken Pantograph Fraks The N and J Today….

I guess it was lucky my days in the office this week were not today…this morning’s Chronicle reports Yet Another Commute Meltdown on the N and J, due in part to a broken pantograph.
Any reports from the front lines are welcome in the comments section.
Rhetorical note: Many times MUNI personnel refer to San Francisco Citizens as “customers” – but that’s not technically true. We are the taxpaying, fare-paying owners of a publicly owned Municipal Railway, and we are citizens who are responsible for making sure Our Public Officials serve the owners.
That is all.

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One Response to Broken Pantograph Fraks The N and J Today….

  1. alex says:

    As I am no stranger to meltdowns at Church and Duboce, I recognized the calamity from blocks away as I approached my stop. It was my second nature that diverted me to the underground at Market but I noticed throngs of frustrated commuters walking up Church street from the Market and Church station. Again, so used to mornings like these, I continued past them and the station to the “F”. I sat there thinking, ‘The F may be slow, but at least it’s always on the move’.

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