Find out if the Transit Effectiveness Project Helps, Harms, Or Hiccups Your Favorite MUNI Line

Trying to figure out just what, if any, improvements the Transit Effectiveness Project’s recommendations will bring is not easy. Every so often I’ll read parts of it to better understand what it will and won’t do, but trying to read it all at once is a bit much.
Other blogs have provided some interesting analyses, and now, you can look at look at specific lines and see what, if anything will be added or cut. It’s by no means the only way one should take a look at the changes, but it is a nice start. Check it out!
UPDATE Since writing this last night, I noticed the Chronicle had a report today.
I think there the concept of van service in some of the lesser used routes, such as the 36 Teresita (which I have used quite a bit) is worth at least exploring. But there might be some ADA issues with that, so who knows if that’ll happen. I do know that if you kill off the 36 you doom everyone up on Twin Peaks to cars only, and the current bus runs like, once an hour or something and if you’re not right at the stop, they fly by at light speed.

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