Help Clean Up the Neighborhood on Saturday!

Courtesy of Taraval Station Captain Paul Chignell’s (always informative) daily email, I was alerted to some things happening Saturday, August 9th that aim to clean up our neighborhood along the N. Supervisor Mirkarimi and SF Connect are sponsoring an event that aims to help clean up the Inner Sunset neighborhood this Saturday. Volunteers will be asked to help clean graffiti, litter and the like. You can sign up at
Also, on the same day, if you have bulky household items needing disposal, you can drop them off for free at St. Anne’s over at Funston and Irving, and electronic waste is being collected at 7th and Lawton. Too often, people just leave things on the street and “assume” some wayward soul will pick them up. It’s much better to take advantage of programs such as these on Saturday, which ensure your junk gets taken away, not left on the streets.

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