Reader Mail II: An Injured Passenger Is Insulted by a MUNI Driver…

Loyal Reader Jamison, who’s been checking in on the NJC since way way back in the day, sends in this tale of woe which speaks to many of the issues we discussed earlier this week. Jamison, who was recovering from an injury that left him in a cast, sent this report in to MUNI and CC’d the N Judah Chronicles:

vehicle: 1544
run: 095
line: T-Third Street
direction: Downtown

Climbing the ramp to the board the T, which takes some time with my foot in a cast, the driver closed the door and pulled up a few feet.
When I got to the door and pressed the open button it did not respond, as I started to walk away to see about the next N-Judah the driver opened only the front door and I boarded. I proceeded towards the only available seat halfway back and the driver got on the PA system to say in a very condescending tone “You’re welcome”.
Drivers should not berate passengers for the simple act of boarding a vehicle.
If her goal was to publicly embarrass me in front of a train full of people, I think the other riders had more sympathy towards me (as I was limping my way through the train) rather than the driver who made the ever-so-difficult and demanding out-of-their-way act of opening a door for a passenger at a station.

Wow. Class act, that driver. You really have to wonder how it is an institution can get so infected with a failure mentality, coupled with a sense of entitlement that mandates they get paid big pay with no expectation of doing their jobs properly. These kinds of incidents blot out the many GOOD drivers who do their job and get no reward.
Bad drivers, however, have Local 250A’s leadership backing them up. It’s almost like an obsession they have with rewarding bad drivers and screwing over the good ones. Maybe Local 250A needs a change in leadership.

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