Fun Friday: Post A Funny Story From Your Commute Today!

Friday! Woo hoo! Time to put aside the week’s worries and have some fun. Last night I had a chance to meet many of the Bay Area’s funnest and nicest bloggers at KPIX’s Eye on Blogs event, hosted by Brittney Gilbert and the KPIX internet team. It was a nice, positive, fun event, and it even had fireworks! (Well the fireworks weren’t part of the show, but we got to see them from the KPIX offices on Battery St. that have an epic view of the Bay.)
Anyway, let’s enjoy today’s weather, let’s un-suspend whatever it is we were suspending, and have a little fun today. Post a funny thing that you saw or happened to you during your day to day. Be clean, be fun, and let’s share some of the good energy this week’s weather has brought us.

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  1. geoff says:

    Got on my L inbound around 8:15 this morning. Got stuck at castro cause the back door wouldn’t close. Driver made us all get off of the train and wait for the next one, but the castro station was already filling up cause we were stuck there for like 10 minutes. Decided cramming in the next train wasn’t going to be fun so I took the opportunity to take the F line all the way down market, which is nice and quiant, until its filled up. The kicker? As our stuck L took off from the castro platform, the rear door finally shut all the way.

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