The Inner Sunset is INSANE With Traffic Today…

If you’re going to the park, or to check out the amazing new Academy of Science, be forwarned that about a billion other people have the same idea. Just plan on a lot of folks in the Irving/9th area.

I’ve been at home working on some things, and have been taking note of the incredible traffic on Lincoln. Helpful Hint: don’t drive here. There is no parking left, and the side streets are jammed with cars.

Heck, even the Culture Bus had to take a detour and ended up idling for a while waiting for the traffic to subside on Lincoln. It’s crazy out here!

UPDATE: Well, the day is done and quite a number of you sent in emails noting the crowded conditions today. Personally, I think it is kind of cool the re-opening of the Academy of Sciences can draw crowds bigger than even a large music festival.

And, there was a heroic effort by city workers to try and direct traffic at Irving and 9th to mitigate the situation. That said, there IS a finite limit to the number of cars and humans and buses you can put in a small area, and after that limit, things are going to be crowded no matter what!

UPDATE 2: California Beat has some more insights into the madness but again I say it’s awesome that so many people celebrated the opening of a science academy! Those of us who grew up here remember going there as kids and being drawn in by the two-headed snake and turtle, a gateway drug to the great science and the planetarium that kept us captivated over the years. Yeah, traffic sucked, but in this case it was for a good reason! And plenty of people patronized good local businesses too, maybe for the first time. Take that, musical festivals!

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