Happy Birthday, Mighty N-Judah!

Today is October 21st and that means today is the birthday of our N-Judah Streetcar line! Woo hoo!
For 80 years the N has taken people to downtown and back (and sometimes past 19th Avenue), and has always been a constant for Sunset District neighbors. Now, let’s hope there’s 80 more, and that those 80 years from now will be celebrating a happy ride too.
If you go to the (always awesome) Western Neighborhoods Project’s page about the N you can see some photos from the inaugural run, piloted by none other than Mayor “Sunny Jim” Rolph.
Otherwise, why not celebrate with a new commemorative T Shirt, or just think of all the people who had the same commute you do as you’re waiting for the N to show up.
PS: Special thanks to Brock at SFist for this special mention today. Brock, you rock!
Also, the always coolk MUNI Diaries threw us a link too. Thanks!

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday, Mighty N-Judah!

  1. gba says:

    “(and sometimes past 19th Avenue)”

  2. Jeff says:

    N-Judah, I will always love you for delivering me back to civilization from the nether reaches of the Outer Sunset, especially after many Bay to Breakers events.
    Happy birthday!

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