What Happened To Today’s Morning On The N? Updated With Pictures! Failwhale on Failwhale Action!

One of the only benefits of having a nice accident at home that requires a billion stitches is that you can’t leave the house very much (aside from getting gauze and bandages). Now that’s not the best way to avoid a lousy commute (trust me the pain sucks), but apparently I missed a domino effect of N Judah FAIL this morning, according to Reader Joel:

I believe the train in front of ours was disabled (while waiting to get on this morning one went by without letting on passengers, and then our subsequent ride from 22nd to 9th and Irving was slower than molasses, so I assume the problem was prior to that)…after I decided to walk back and try to get to the L or the Geary bus via the 28, I counted six other trains backed up, During rush hour, of course. A mess.

Anyone else see or experience this? Post in the comments!
UPDATE: Reader Karena has a detailed account of today’s “clusterfrak” with some pictures! You can see all of them on this set on Flickr.
Read on:

Hi Greg,
Here are some photos from this morning’s commute. I believe words like clusterfrak (and its non-BG version) were invented for mornings like this.

I was on the 2-car train that suddenly stopped moving in front of PJ’s Oysterbed (while the second car was stopped in front of Jamba Juice). We sat and waited for MUNI mechanics to arrive (within 10 minutes; not bad).

They disconnected the 2 cars in an attempt to fix the problem. When that didn’t work, they took the entire train out of service and told everyone to wait for the next train.

Picture 1: Reconnecting the first and second cars after separating the cars didn’t fix the problem (8:40 to 9:00-ish)

Picture 2: While they were trying to reconnect the disabled cars, the back-up of N-Judah trains starts growing on 9th Avenue, and presumably down Judah, too. (9:00 to 9:10)

Picture 3: For some reason, they decide to take car 1 of the next train out of service. They work on connect car 1 to the other disabled cars, so now they have to tow a 3-car train all the way to Duboce and Church. See all the people on the sidewalk and crosswalk compared to the previous picture? (9:10 to 9:20-ish)

Picture 4: MUNI employees are telling people they don’t know when they will resolve this, so they start directing people to the 71 line to get downtown. (9:20-ish)

Right after I took the last picture, they start directing people back onto the one-car N-Judah. I get on that train.

We follow the 3-car out-of-service train. All…the…way…to…Duboce…and…Church…at…this…pace.

I got to work at 9:50.


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2 Responses to What Happened To Today’s Morning On The N? Updated With Pictures! Failwhale on Failwhale Action!

  1. nanio says:

    Dunno, but after they all got off they tried to get on the 71L en masse. Fun times.

  2. @makfan says:

    Yes, because an articulated bus can clearly hold all the people from a disabled 2-car LRV.
    Of course, I missed all this because I was off in another state where the car is King.

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