Random Updates on Election Day…

Random notes on Election Day:

1. The weather is amazing. Sunny but not warm.

2. Starbuck’s on Irving is a polling location. I never noticed this before…of all the places one could have a polling place, this seems a bit odd.

3. Not having cable TV for once is a bit annoying…but for the other 364 days a year it’s fine.

4. It really is amazing to see so many people vote, when in the past, getting people to vote was like getting people to go get a root canal without laughing gas.

5. Voting by mail is easy. But it isn’t much fun!

6. MUNI had only one FAIL today. Hooray!

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2 Responses to Random Updates on Election Day…

  1. @makfan says:

    MUNI had another FAIL today, right about the time you posted. I left home at 3:35 pm (as I always do) to catch MUNI to the 4:19 pm Caltrain. It took 20 minutes to get from Church to Van Ness and I missed my train by 3 minutes. The 4:33 pm Caltrain meant a $19 cab ride to be on time for an appointment.

  2. Alexandra V. says:

    The Starbucks on Irving at 19th Ave is also a polling place; I voted there a few times when that was my hood. 😀
    I vote in a tiny church now and it’s not nearly as fun. ;p

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