Tonight on EPIC MUNI FAIL….

Tonight in EPIC MUNI FAIL, we have a doozy…it seems the brakes locked up on an outbound N, thus getting stuck on Irving Street, outbound from 9th. I posted some updates on Twitter and uploaded a few pics here for your enjoyment.

This was a particularly annoying FAIL because I was going to meet up with some folks and was counting on the N to take me to Church, to then pick up the 22. But by the time the extent of the FAIL was realized, I missed the 71, and of course, the one time you REALLY need a 71, there was a delay. Realizing I wouldn’t get to my destination anytime soon, I walked home instead.

But our ever vigilant readers, either on Twitter or via email, were on the scene. Reader Warren wrote in as I got home this report:

Hi Greg,

It seems that the same clusterfrack that happened on the morning of Oct. 24 happened again at the exact same place in the exact same inbound direction on this evening’s commute. It appeared to be the exact same scenario…the 2nd car of the train is stuck on the turn at 9th and Irving. Go look! You must not be home otherwise you certainly would have blogged about it by now. I came across tonight’s clusterfrack by way of an outbound N passing by the scene at about 7:20pm tonight. The backup looked to be about three sets of N’s that extended all the way to 9th and Judah.

I’m a first time contributor and look forward to reporting more incidents in the future. I commute daily on the N starting from the beach into downtown. I was also on the clusterfracked train on Oct. 24. What a nightmare of a commute that was!

I hope you have a good night!




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