Reader Mail: Was There An Accident on The N Last Night? UPDATED!

A Loyal Reader who wishes to remain anonymous sent an email this morning about an accident on the N…did anyone else see this? I was safely elsewhere so I didn’t hear of it, so any other “eyewitness” news accounts would be good, as it sounds like a rather scary incident:

Hey there. I was wondering if you’d gotten any good reports on the incident near the Duboce Park tunnel last night. I was riding outbound last night (Tuesday) around 7:30, and just before we were about to enter the tunnel (the one right before Carl/Cole) people started screaming that a woman was trapped and to call 911. I hopped off the train when I heard the ambulance sirens. It looked like a woman had gotten trapped in the doors and dragged, and maybe dragged into the edge of the tunnel. I don’t know.
There was a crowd of people around her when I hopped off the train, so I couldn’t really see. Don’t know if she was seriously hurt or if it was no big deal, but I couldn’t find anything about it today on SFGate or SFist or anywhere. Seems like someone should be reporting on the manslaughtering N.

The only MUNI strangeness I noted last night was that apparently the GPS system went down, as I tried to find out when a 44 bus was coming on NextMUNI and it had “no current prediction” up and down the line. Even though other lines seemed to have NextMUNI, the spokesbot at 311 kept repeating “THE GPS IS DOWN THE GPS IS DOWN” even when I happpened to mention it appeared other lines were fine….
UPDATE Reader Eugene posted a comment on Facebook and provided it again for us here:

Yes, there was an accident. I was on the second train and did not see anything that happened. I heard someone in the crowd say a dog was hit. Given the off leash pet park next to the n-judah stop, it’s not surprising. I tried to take a picture, but it was too dark for for my cell phone camera. I counted one white muni pickup truck, one fire engine, one police car and one ambulance responded. No announcement from the operator on the train on what happened. I waited for about 10+ minutes, luckily the doors were left open and walked up to Haight St., to try to catch the 71, 7, or 6. When I got off the N-Judah, there were three (double trains) waiting to go through the tunnel to get to Carl and Cole. So that’s my observation in a large nutshell.

And, Reader Jason provides another observation:

I was on the muni last night when it stopped @park/duboce. They didn’t really say anything, but I saw all the sirens/saw some cops.
When I got off @carl/cole, I heard a woman saying that she saw someone trapped in chains of some sort, but don’t have any firsthand accounts except that we did stop for quite some time.
I’ll have to poke around next time.

Any way you put this, it sounds sad. Let’s hope everyone’s ok and all.

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  1. lina says:

    i walked through the park right when it happened and i heard what i’m almost 100% sure a man screaming in fear when the train started to go through the tunnel. i assumed he was trapped and dragged with the train. (i didn’t hear a dog.) there was also a woman screaming trying to stop the train.
    the whole incident sent chills up my spine. he sounded really injured.
    and the train was waaay too packed- wonder why muni doesn’t tell their staff to control the number of riders??? they’re sure spending money on hiring people to check up on fares being paid…

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