One Day Left to Save $4 off Our N Judah Merchandise….

Quick post on a busy, rainy Monday: you can save $4 off our N Judah apparel today and tomorrow just by using this promotional code provided by Zazzle ( PATTYSHIRT09 ) . If you’re thinking about buying one, now is a good time to get one before something happens that might keep these away in the future.

create custom t-shirts at Zazzle

Also, I mildly critiqued a certain Supervisor known for spending taxpayer time yelling at blog commenters and such. I realize now I shouldn’t have as I fully expect to get screamed at for my mild critique, but I’ve dodged this particular politician’s tirades before. It’s just unfortunate that mild suggestions for finding common ground get ripped on. Ah well.
In the meantime, be extra careful as rainy weather and wet streets mean extra caution needs to be taken boarding on or off MUNI, and when crossing the street. Cars don’t always realize that stop times change when the roads are slick. Be safe and have a groovy Monday.

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