Twitteratti Report: Major N Judah Failwhale In Progress

Thanks to Twitter, I’ve been getting reports of a pretty major MUNI Metro FAIL in progress…@agentnano retweeted a report from @jonsnyder about a stuck N Judah train about 30 minutes ago. Loyal reader @rowenoftc also posted this twitpic of the failwhale bus as well.
So far, there’s been nothing throughout this interruption on the official MUNI “TroubleAlert” as yet, and no news aside from what the Twitteratti are reporting. If you’re out there and see something, either today, or any day, that might be worth re-tweeting, find me on Twitter at @njudah !
UPDATE: The TroubleAlert just chimed in with some basic info…just expect a lot of delays today. Eric from Transbay Blog just twittered a delay he encountered as well.
Hey, if you’re stuck on MUNI and have Twitter, why not twitter your tale of woe, and then direct message one to @gavinnewsom too? Maybe he can help?
UPDATE 2: The SF Appeal did some follow up to the drama that’s worth checking out.

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6 Responses to Twitteratti Report: Major N Judah Failwhale In Progress

  1. tangobaby says:

    Oh lovely! I hope they get it all sorted out in the next two hours.

  2. @makfan says:

    Anyone notice that the bus shuttle was supposedly between LaPlaya and Sunset? That makes NO sense. I guess they mean Sunset and LaPlaya.
    Glad I am working at home all day with no errands to run. Sorry for those who are trying to use MUNI to get around.

  3. I can’t believe Muni has a twitter yet they don’t tweet about the delay.

  4. Alex says:

    MUNI has 511, yet they don’t post about the delays there either. BART, on the other hand, will spam you with text messages if a pigeon even farts in the direction of a train. MUNI has the tools, let’s get management to use them.

  5. generic says:

    I wonder, has the idea of a grass-roots effort to union-bust MUNI ever been floated?
    I’m normally more pro-Union than Jimmy Hoffa, but with MUNI I’d make an exception.

  6. Greg says:

    @generic: I hear ya, and I think there’s a real frustration with some of the MUNI-based unions, in that the sometimes don’t seem to care much about making common cause with us, the owner/rider/taxpayer.
    That said, in this particular case, the issue wasn’t really one blame-able on the union (unlike when that crazy woman blocked all the buses over some obscure union rule and then told me and everyone mad at her to “suck it”).
    Good unions are important, they can be really good for workers and riders, but right now it seems like all they care about are bad apples and don’t seem to realize that they’d be better off being a friend to All of Us, since WE pay for the system. Choose-up-siders never solved anything.

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