Guest Blogger: Sunset on Judah By The Ocean

We continue our Guest Blogger series with another photo from Christian today!
Inbound and outbound N-Judah trains bask in the radiance of late afternoon sunlight at Judah Street and 42nd Avenue on March 12, 2009 (Christian Goepel photo).
Guest Blogger/Photographer Christian Goepel is a freelance photographer and San Francisco State journalism student. More of his work appears at He can be contacted at

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3 Responses to Guest Blogger: Sunset on Judah By The Ocean

  1. Jonathan Gerfen says:

    Beautiful shot. I am a recent transplant to the Sunset, but shots like this remind me why I am getting used to it and starting to love it. It could be a trick of the lens, but the shot does seem to be taken from 45th Avenue, not 42nd…

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