Well It Was Nice While It Lasted – Board of Supervisors Set To Approve Newsom’s Bad Budget

Well all the hoopla was fun while it lasted, but it seems that efforts to veto the Newsom-created MTA budget fell apart when it was annouced Sup. Dufty decided to switch his vote in favor of the Mayor’s plan. This leaves Sup. Sophie Maxwell as the only “undecided” vote, and it’s no secret the Mayor’s team is pressuring her like crazy to avoid being shown up by the Board of Supervisors. So I think this idea, while nice, is pretty much dead. If our system didn’t require such an “all or nothing ” approach and a compromise could have been reached, things would be better, but that’s not the system we have now.
In the last few days the Mayor has made statements that range from outlandish, to just plain false. He claims he’s been “working on the budget the last five days” but where the heck was he months ago when we could have come up with a better plan? (Answer, running for Governor).
And he is being simply dishonest when he doesn’t explain one big reason the City’s budget is so out of whack – his personal decision to arbitrarily grant huge pay raises in 2007 to boost his re-election campaign. Now, he tools around the state in a hybrid Monster Truck, presenting himself as California’s Green Savior.
Whatever. All I know is that if the MTA had been willing to listen and do some better work, we could have had a better budget in these crummy economic times. Everyone has to be willing to compromise, but when you have a Mayor who insists on sticking it to the MTA and MUNI every chance he gets, and who is willing to tell lies so big you need climbing gear to get over them, there’s really not a chance for the owner/riders of MUNI to get a plan that can survive tough economic times so our City can remain livable now and in the future.
For now, I’m going to leave this issue alone for a while and focus on some other things, like some new local businesses that have opened up on Irving Street, a comparison of two iPhone applications I’ve been trying out, and post some other ideas I’ve had but not had the time to write about.
Also, I’m still looking for guest bloggers as well. Since this proved to be popular when I was out of town last month, I’ve decided to revive this as a feature for Wednesdays, since that’s the day I have to work in an office all day and can’t be blogging as much. If you’re interested, email me and tell me a little about yourself, why you would want to write for the site, and what kinds of subjects interest you.
I’m especially interested in people willing to write about neighborhoods along the N, local or MUNI history, or anything that’s entertaining. Photos are welcome as well. Thanks!

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3 Responses to Well It Was Nice While It Lasted – Board of Supervisors Set To Approve Newsom’s Bad Budget

  1. Mark Ballew says:

    Rescue Muni’s stance is no on the budget, especially considering the work order issues.

  2. Great points in the 3rd paragraph. The most frustrating thing about the mayor is that he consistently acts in political self-interest rather than citizens’ best interests, and then rebuffs detractors (usually said citizens) for getting in the way of his “progress.”
    The MTA budget issue is so sad, because it’s kind of proof we may never be able to expand political thinking into the long term.

  3. @makfan says:

    Caltrain wants to cut weekend service entirely. It is getting more and more difficult for me to function without a car.

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