1 Adam 12, 1 Adam 12, We Have a MUNI Fail Whale In Progress!

njudahfailwhales.jpgIronically, as we approach the fourth anniversary of the N Judah Chronicles, today seems to be a day of massive MUNI failwhales, starting this morning.
Loyal Readers, armed with smartphones and Twitter accounts, have been alerting myself and other Twitteratti about a string of mini-disasters. First, @thestandingroom (who is an NJC Hero for all his reporting) reported a broken outbound N at East Portal, around 1030 this morning. Later, folks were re-routed to Carl and Hillway. Eventually trains were blocked by some dude in a car or something. Not too much later, @SallyTV reported that all 3 ticket machines at King were dead, and no trains were in sight. @rowenoftc also reported similar failwhale, all the way out on the other end of the line at the same time.
Now, I figured that was that, and all was well, but again, Hero Twitteratti @thestandingroom just gave us a heads up of a failwhale regatta on 9th and Judah (literally in my front yard!), as did @remid0d0s0, which we took a screenshot of.
The irony of this all happening right around the time I started this little blog is almost as funny as seeing competing BART management and Union Google Ads on my article about the inherent lameness of the impending BART strike FAIL.
Some days this thing literally writes itself.
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