Reminder: Gerry Adams Comes to the Inner Sunset on Saturday!

391044348_05017b3aff_o.jpgJust a quick reminder that Gerry Adams, the president of Sinn Fein, will be the host of a forum entitled “A United Ireland – How Do We Get There?” at St. Anne’s Hall over at Funston and Judah (right on the N line). It runs from 2pm-5pm, and Mr. Adams and a panel of Irish and Irish Americans will be there to answer any questions the public may have about the situation in Ireland.
The panel will include artist Robert Ballagh and actress Fionnula Flanagan (whom some may recognize as “Eloise Hawking” from the hit ABC show LOST and “Rose Caffee” from the Showtime program “Brotherhood”, as well as several guest appearances on “Star Trek: The Next Generation”)
It’s not often we get international leaders right here in our neighborhood, so if you’re interested, check it out. Figure it this way – you’re far more likely to get a question about Ireland’s future answered by Mr. Adams and the panel than you are from local officials about the future of the N Judah!

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  1. Bob Davis says:

    Although my Dad wasn’t Irish, he lived with an Irish-background family for many years. When I was a lad, the subject of the Fenian Brotherhood came up, and he explained that the name came from Sinn Fein, which means “ourselves alone” in Gaelic. He also advised my brother and me to “never get on the wrong side of the Leprechauns, or you may get up some morning and find two left shoes under your bed.”

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