Do We Need to Bring Back The Vigilance Committee? – The “MUNI Humper” is on the N

200px-Committee_of_Vigilance_medallion.jpgFrom our friends at MUNI Diaries, and even NBC11 come reports of some weirdo who apparently has decided that the way to behave on a crowded N Judah train is to push his, ahem, privates on unsuspecting passengers, mostly women.
This isn’t the first time that some weirdo has pulled this on the N, for sure, but it’s one that has really rattled a lot of folks. Just the other day someone I was talking to at the N stop relayed her horror story. I really don’t care what this clown’s “problems” are, this kind of behavior is crap, and it needs to stop.
You’d think with the millions and millions of dollars MUNI has handed over to the SFPD via the Mayor’s office, we’d have some police presence on MUNI to deter some of this, or at least be around so when some Concerned Citizens corner this guy and get ready to kick his ass, they can show up. But this is San Francisco, and we all know what’ll happen if we wait around for someone to show up – our Precious Dear will run away and do it again and again and again.
Maybe we need to bring back the Committe of Vigilance or something to enforce some behavoir modification on MUNI. After all, when you see douchebags like this on the bus, and no one’s around to enforce the law, maybe some citizen-administered punishment would get ’em to stop harassing us when we’re out and about on MUNI.
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7 Responses to Do We Need to Bring Back The Vigilance Committee? – The “MUNI Humper” is on the N

  1. Nancy says:

    Oh dear, our dog humping jerk is at it again. I carry a rather little but heavy iron that can hang around my wrist when I’m on a crowded bus. When the jerk tried to do this to me, I just whipped my iron around and whapped him good and hard on the side as well as jabbed my elbow into his chest. I heard a muffled cry and saw him get off at the next stop, hobbling a bit. Now, some of my fellow passengers were madder at me for attacking a “poor crazy guy” than they were at the guy but I’m not a bit sorry.

  2. snuh says:

    It seems to me a lot of appalling behavior takes place on MUNI because no one has the gall to confront people behaving inappropriately. Publicly calling someone out and embarrassing them, or even punching them in the junk for 1d6+4 damage, is really the only viable response.

  3. Greg says:

    @snuh: “punching them in the junk for 1d6+4 damage” – EPIC WIN.

  4. Bob Davis says:

    Speaking as someone who does not ride Muni on a regular basis: This is one of the reasons why public transit is such a “hard sell” to automobile drivers (“Weird Al” Yankovic’s “Another One Ride the Bus” puts the negative side of transit into a song parody). I have read similar complaints about the Baltimore light rail and Portland MAX. We need a better way to keep the riff-raff under control. Hanging the varmints from the nearest lamppost would be effective, but the ACLU might have something to say about that. Where’s “Dirty Harry” when you need him?
    And why don’t citizens take action? A) the scumbag could have a knife or a gun. B) If the citizen injured the creep, he might sue for damages.

  5. Greg says:

    Here’s the problem I have with this. I live on the N line and ride it daily. I often deal with the problem people (homeless, drunks, kids starting stuff and vandals). I’m that mean guy who usually tells these losers something-in some cases physically removed some folks. Each time, EVERY CRY BABY ON THE TRAIN LOOKED THE OTHER WAY AND DID NOTHING TO HELP ME. So all you yuppie white folks who come on the net and talk crap but never do a thing about it. You need to back people like me up instead of turning your head and pretending like you don’t see anything. I’m a big person I can take care of myself-but the more people who stand up and say enough is enough-the louder our voice will be.

  6. Greg says:

    hello other greg: I think you have a point. Once, there was an older man who was calling everyone on the N every racial slur in the book ,and I asked him to calm down. He got very angry and started acting all crazy. No one else would back me up on it, and when the fare inspectors boarded, they TOOK HIS SIDE.
    I don’t know that we all wanna start rumbles for every little thing, but I’m a bit tired of seeing the bad folks get to get away with everything, while those of us who just wanna go through our day without being hassled are the ones who have to put up with silliness.

  7. snuh says:

    To the extent that there is a very fine line between self-sufficiency in handling MUNI crimes and committing a crime oneself, I agree with both Gregs. If we’re ever on the same MUNI together and there’s a problem, my scrawny-ass 160lbs will have your back.

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