(not so) Fun Friday: An Open Thread, A Farmer’s Market, and More!

IMG_0596.JPGThis morning had a pretty major MUNI FAIL downtown, and it reverberated throughout the N line. This morning, after living the life of the Internet Famous by turning on the new traffic signal at 30th and Lincoln with Sup. Chu, I caught a group of N Buses (!) at the turnaround. I also ran into the awesome Eve of the SF Appeal and her husband , who had just returned from seeing the baby gorilla at the zoo, so that was cool.
Other things: This weekend, of course is the Inner Sunset Farmer’s Market. Yay! Read about how it all got started in today’s Examiner.
So, to keep things light on (not so) Fun Friday, I figured I’d open up a thread for people to post about today’s commute, which seemed to be full of weird MUNI FAIL. Boo FAIL!
And finally, in the “let’s plug something my friends did” department, I wanted to post a link to my friend’s book, Colin Powell: American Power and Intervention From Vietnam to Iraq, which you can now get at Amazon.com.
Dr. O’Sullivan has been a friend of mine for over 20 years, and has traveled the world on diplomatic missions and so on. He teaches at USF, and his textbook on the United Nations can be found in college bookstores all over the place. So, I figured I’d give him a little promo since he’s a friend of mine.
Have a great weekend! Maybe the weather’ll give us a break and at least not be so bleary and New Caprica-like for a change!

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3 Responses to (not so) Fun Friday: An Open Thread, A Farmer’s Market, and More!

  1. Mary Stream says:

    After sitting on the 16 AX for a couple of minutes this morning at that new 30th and Lincoln signal, I must ask why? What was the need for this light? And as an aside, since you were with Gavin’s representative and pretend Sunset BOS Carmen Chu, did you ask her why she is selling out the Muni riders with the fare increases?

  2. Thomas says:

    Cops on MUNI, nah don’t be silly…
    Why just last night while on a 49 going towards market to catch the N 2 cops got on with a civilian & announced they were doing a ticket survey but no one would be sited. Yeah that’s fabulous, oh wait I paid for my ticket! I wonder how that would work if the machine you put your money in was busted?

  3. MichaellaS says:

    tks for the effort you put in here I appreciate it!

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