Because It’s Fun and We Need Something To Write About: Cute Cats On Transit

Casper_1452757c.jpgA vigilant reader sent in this story today ,and it’s so full of “awww cute” I had to post a link: it seems in Britain there’s a cat, “Casper,” who regularly boards his favorite bus at the same time every day, rides the bus out and back, and then gets off. How cute is that?
It’s similar to our feathered friends who often board down by the Caltrain Station, but I think cats are more likely to have a Fast Pass around their collar…plus they’re less likely to eat their splattered pals.
However, MUNI could learn something from our friends in Japan, where a cat who “works” as a conductor at a train station has not only saved what was going to be a shut down line, but generates over $10 million in revenue a year. Talk about a stimulus package for transit!

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